Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm Back Again

I have again rescheduled my GMAT to september 14th. This will be my last reschedule as i have to start working on my essays and application soon. I know if u have read my previous blogs u will think of me as a guy who is very lazy and non-confident person. But i have to say that i had to reschedule due to some personal reasons. Not that every thing is clear now, but i sincerely feel if i dont try it this time i wont do it any time later. So here i'm again and i want everyone of u to wish me again for my exam.I'm confident abt maths and also a little bit ok in verbal. Let me first see how much i score in the practice exams. Then i can think of where i can improve. I know in SC there is a lot of room for improvement, and i know it will be the same even till the day of exam ;-)
Ok let me stop worrying now and start working.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm Back !!!

Yeah...i'm back. I have settled down in Mumbai, in my new company. One whole month of Feb has passed without any bit of preparation. Now man i'm really scared. I have already rescheduled my GMAT to May 20th from Feb 25th. But now i think even this date will require some revision.
My experience with Mumbai in the last 2 weeks is nothing to be proud of. There are lots & lots of construction work going on in the roads and so the thing that finally suffers is the Traffic. It used to take 2 hours for me to reach my room from the office (normally it takes 30 mins). The main Mumbai city is highly polluted & congested. Finally i made a decision and shifted to Airoli in Navi Mumbai area. I really love this place. It is really unlike Mumbai, with less number of vehicles & people. Air here is clean. And there are also lots of parks around.
Hopefully, my serious preparation will start from next week. (God...I hav to make it happen ;-))

Friday, January 28, 2005

My March to MBA Starts In Jan ;-)

Fellow MBA Pursuers,

Everything has to start some where, and so my MBA blogging starts with this post... I'm not the sort of person who is very punctual (blogging in this case) (my office punctuality is a different story altogether) , so u wont miss out much if u don't visit this blog frequently.

Let me first introduce myself (what name can i assume for these posts?...umm...let us call me as..."murs", for the time being) . Like most other indians, I'm also a Software Engineer working in an IT industry (with 1.5 years of WE) . My current plan is to get admitted to the MBA class of 2006.

A month before, my plan was to get an 1 year MBA from some good European (INSEAD, ESADE, HEC etc) or Canadian (York, Queen's) schools , but now i realise (actually... made to realise) that the US schools offer the best R.O.I & guaranteed placement. So my MBA school plans are a bit clouded by all these ranking stuffs. Right now what i'm clear about is that i have to give my GMAT soon, sooner the better.

I've already booked my GMAT for 28th Feb , but as i'm now in the middle of switching jobs , i'm fed up with all those packing & planning stuff. Also i'm not sure of when i will be relieved from my current job (god, please convince my current employer) , so i hav put my GMAT preps on hold for some time, planning to dig into the prep again, after a month. Hopefully, i will be thru with my GMAT sometime in April/May.

Right now I've booked my train tickets, registered and will be attending the "World MBA Fair" conducted in Bangalore on 29th Feb.

Will let you all know about the details & happenings in the fair in my next blog.